Dale Carnegie - Put Listening and Not Arguing Together with Hill, Goleman, Heil, Warren, Covey, and Crosby

Dale Carnegie Organization

Business, Communities and schools must simply put it together.

Dale Carnegie would suggest there is traditional civility in listening and not arguing.

He puts his message together--

6 ways to make people like you

12 ways to win people to your thinking

9 ways to start change without offending and creating resentment

It cannot be said better, so no attempt will be made, but making the suggestions of all the authors into positive expectations is without question a technique with a real value. Boil it down to this. How do you send a positive message when you should be listening and not arguing?

Put it another way. How do you send timely positive messages that are absolute enough to make a difference? Our world is much less civil and noisy with messages today so let us consider going back to the original concept that nothing originally good really happens until someone decides to give a gift of something on an unconditional basis to someone who needs that gift. Timing is everything. There is a time and a level of gift that will be noticed by every civil person on earth. Romans 12:20.

USA VALUES, LLC suggests that the gift of time and attention (even though it is paid for) is a noticed game changing event. If 100% of the children started kindergarten ready to read, count and understand positive direction the community would be together on the benefits of that; but first they would be together on the effort and respect that it takes to do this; After that, the positive expectations and stories in support will flow much easier into the culture and conversation.

Listening and Not Arguing (civility) with hardcore and absolute expectations

It will help that this directly converts in a short time to growth in economics, education, emotions and ethics because it is positive and would be special. Just imagine a serious focus on 100% of the at risk kids (age 0-6) in an area knowing that the present value of that focused effort is worth $600,000 for each child. The value will show in the future when it matters most to them and us.

Is that $600,000 present value enough to pull everyone in a defined location out of poverty? Can the $600,000 present value be monetized by mom? We know it can be monetized by the site selectors. Let the growth begin.

Let's make sure we understand where the $600,000 present value came from.