1. It is a business. The first thing first right the first time (FTFRTFT) message to all mothers, but especially those with at risk children, is that it is critical to be ready for kindergarten.

This messaging is sent via B to C and B to B advertising. Ultimately it is a Public Service Message (PSM) sent by the local business operated by a Senior Executive US Military Veteran in his or her defined location.

2. Customers (CEO's and Owners) are informed to understand this.

The PVofPE-Prek is $500,000 for the cost of $10,000. That is present value of positive expectation-prek. One could say it is the priceless making of free quality. We can’t have the $500,000, for the most at risk, without the $10,000 spent Pre-k. Time is money and pre-k attention is critical. The site talks about this $10,000 as New Money for New Deliveries.

The business community understands these investment numbers and how savings can become value when it confirms the projection of positive expectations. They understand there is a FTFRTFT requirement to the expectations. The community needs every family and business and non-business organization, including the faith base and the schools to understand this is valuable.

3. School districts buy into the change.

If a community can improve the knowledge level of the children starting kindergarten by attention to the grassroots bottoms up and deliver 100% of the children ready, can the district save money year by year as the "100%" cohorts grow into the majority of the K-12 attendance? Yes they can!!! How much can they save and innovate?

The school district (board, superintendent, principals and other leaders) will know how to adapt detailed quality and continuous improvement methods to savings and innovation. This Adapted Knowledge is not for the general public but is part of the schools positioning of positive expectations.

School Districts can have this 100% delivery of at risk children by THEIR METHOD of High Quality FTFRTFT Continuous improvement AT NO EXTRA COST.

High Quality defined by “traditional avoidance” will lead to new money for innovation and savings. Constraints management makes pre-k language acquisition through a process bottleneck an unlimited opportunity in K-12.

In a nutshell we need to SEE these children earlier to help the districts help them.

Find the Children Who will be Gapped

Executive Summary

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