Fight-Crime-2 – Links Continued Creating Opportunity for Nation

As we started the site we stated it is not for everyone. Our belief is that our individual rights and actions played out in the USA by us will form the core to USA prosperity! But it has to happen through our kids. The only way to get back to a focus on our individual rights is to focus on what we are teaching our children about their rights, what they can expect from others and what they must contribute to make such an expectation possible.

The me first concept of republican, democrat, independent and tea party has fractured and distracted us. We in the 80% middle of the grassroots must renew and continue the concentration on positive expectations of building personal assets and attributes for the future. Worse yet we are grabbing the me first share if we are aligned with the fractional power in charge. All this will require our children to implement turnarounds before long. Our kids know they need to turn it back to individual growth for their kids. A let's not pay it now and let the kids pay it later attitude is...

I am now continuing the links of background information.

Businesses Say the Gap Should be Closed- Its Cost Cannot Be Supported

Smart Districts Are Using Title I Funding for Pre-k but Generally Without More Intrusive Paternalism

A Wonderful Example of Private Focus on Early Reading Skills Delivered With Intrusive Paternalism Applied By Leadership

Fight-Crime-2 The Fight Crime Invest in Kids Kindergarten Teacher Survey - One Size Fits One Effort Required

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF HIGH QUALITY JOBS - NEW MONEY - To Start the Bridge Loan Financing of Early Reading Skills Delivered

Volunteer Businesses Define Characteristics of Supported Investments in Young Children, ---- Definition Supported by America's Partnership For Economic Success

There Are Savings in the Community if 100% of the Children Arrived at Kindergarten Ready To Read

There Are Savings in the K-12 Schools if 100% of the Children Arrived at Kindergarten Ready To Read

This Economist Says Investing in All At Risk Kids is Absolutely Required if We Expect to Stay on Top

This Regional Economic Development Corporation has Studied What We Will Need To Do as Regions and Nation To Stay on Top of the World Economically