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Important Tweets

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Plus economic of this would be main street trillions

Early Literacy is a new industry

YOU start with first things first to have high quality

Taxpayers chance for lower costs - Veteran driven Ready to Read

USE $500,000 Pres Value of positive expectations from Early Reading Skills per child

Veteran's leadership leveraged into local Literacy is Freedom

Ready to Read Before Kdgten Creates Savings in Schls and Govt

Heckman the Economist, invest in Most At Risk for Highest Return

Pew Trusts call for early reading skills contract covering 100%

Citizen look at this data, does it work for you?

We will have a new value adding industry to deliver early reading skills to at risk kids with new demand, new money and a new definition of the customer contract. This is the New Industry--It starts by an executive or effective citizen sending the Public Service Message and more of us acknowledging the kids success factors exist before they start kindergarten.

The Gap

More Important Truths

The Truth, Without the GIFT of Early Reading Skills all children are behind before they even start kindergarten

The truth is USA VALUES,LLC is being intrusive! We want the powers (our schools and government); AND, the at risk children/moms; AND, every citizen, business, organization, church, and group to come together to PLAN, DO, MEASURE, and REPLAN our high quality age 0-12 lives. The high quality delivery of 100% of the children to kindergarten ready to read, count, and understand positive direction must be created, it does not exist, It has a high value to each of us. First things first makes it always relevant and missing it is just wrong. Innovation in later grades will expand the ROI past what can be projected if this is made the first innovation.

A highly respected educator told me we must use these words!!! Let us be transparent and tell the truth about everything age 0-12. How is this working for you? Can you make sense out of this?

The highly respected former CEO of Federated Department Stores James Zimmerman suggests the data to look at is simply this.

It is Time to Invest

K-12 School Districts admit to the need to be more innovative in the way they do their business of learning. Children must be positioned to learn from teachers, groups and self. Teachers must be positioned to learn from peers, students and administration. ADMINISTRATION is not only in charge of the learning community but knows to position itself to ask the right questions and continuously learn from the answers, if only it had the new money bridge to execute a quality is free restructuring.

USA VALUES, LLC provides an outline to quality is free thinking as its second effort in the local community. The gift of time and attention to the ready to read skills of those at risk is required to sustain a normal next 50 years for those not at risk. Find the new money to innovate now or pay more and more later is an urgent cry.

Scientific change management built on continuous improvement from doing first things first right the first time must be used by school districts to find the new money for the bridge to innovation.

With minimal effort you can pivot your community / district to new innovation based on its current spending plus a bridge loan. Call TDW 651-735-3018 for the password to this page for the new money outline and the proforma financial justifications of savings and innovation.

Early Reading Skills Delivered To Fund Innovation

New Money Local Issue with National Guidance


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An Act of God in the Grassroots of Delivered FTFRTFT Early Reading Skills

Soft Cloud Effort with Society's Influence of the Powerful

More Public Service Messaging Needed

Pre-K to Grade 3 Movement Must Come With Guarantee of Readiness if New Money is to be Found

This Community and Businessman Did Not Wait For The Government

Great 5 Year Start - Help This Leverage To Economic Site Selector Benefits

Good For This District, But Is It Enough?

Thanks,Early literacy is freedom; working for less than 50% of USA Kids; Does this work for you? How can this work for you?

Freedom- Important- Alliance to Address Entitlements

Law Enforcement - Fight Crime Invest in Kids - Puts a Big Number on Savings

Clearly The US Chamber of Commerce Tells the Local Chambers to Promote and Support High Quality Preschool Education

Two Examples of Why New Money for 13 Years is Required and Why it is Crirtical that Community Guarantee Readiness to the School District

June 27, 2012, Business Leaders Outline Critical Need For Early Childhood Education at CED Report Event in Detroit, PNC and Kelly Services CEOs Voice Commitment

A National and International Issue Directly Related to Multi-National Corporation Repatriation

USA VALUES, LLC sees the need for FTFRTFT (first things first right the first time) attention everywhere; it sees many a controversy that would be resolved with FTFRTFT thinking that brings out the Socratic pointing to what is first things first…

It is Not Political