Cloud Influence to Make Powerful New Decisions- Based on FTFRTFT

We have a Cloud Influence on the important powerful business, organizations, school districts, government and individuals who could trigger NEW MONEY for required pre-k early reading skills delivery (ERSD) to all at risk children.

The design is to delivery early reading skills first things first right the first time (ERSD)(FTFRTFT) so the child avoids the gap and the school district avoids the exception to save money because the child is ready starting in kindergarten (innovation).

It is Time to Create the New Money for New Delivery for New Positive Expectations

Large Businesses have the Infrastructure To Insist that School Districts Adapt Their Own FTFRTFT High Quality Continuous Improvement Process that Will Create New Money

In many cases, the districts will need to promise to pay the money back from created savings to initiate the creation of NEW MONEY.

FTFRTFT Truth Messages

Completed Survey Response takes anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours and beyond; Obviously, the 5 minute response will not be as positive, but will be respected as private

Rules are in development and will change often in the early going as we receive feedback. How we engage business with the cloud twitter messages to create the NEW MONEY just has to remain consistent with the values of growth, achievement and success in the USA. Some element of courage and intrusive paternalism will show. We are out of money and we must save and innovate in turnaround and disruptive situations.

• The idea is to put the interest of the at risk child first as a concern of the group listed.

See also the advanced use of social media at Soft Cloud

Muck Without FTFRTFT Vision

We have mucked this up for our kids

Literacy is Freedom for only 50% of our Population - It does not work for us or our kids as we dodge the bullets

Who will get it right for our most at risk age 3-6 kids. Our life style is at risk if we don't get reading expectations restructured in the grassroots.

JumpStart- A Very Positive Expectation - Doing Before Overheading

Positive Expectations of Doing

Front Burning Issues

Economics, Education, Emotions and Ethics

Friedman Hopes without Expectation

Cut Here, Invest There -- We Add Do First Things First

Another Positive - Grassroots - But No Leverage - How Do We Get Leverage!


Listening For More Positive Expectation that Our Large Private and Public Institutions Would Just Start Restructuring To Find New Money From Old Money by Doing FTFRTFT

Responsibility For Freedom and Opportunity - Brooks

Pivot To Reinvest in Freedom - Wolfgram

Lets Start to Identify the Snakes in The Grassroots, See Right Column Here and On Other Pages

Simple Texas Readiness Accountability