Fight Crime - Invest in Kids Defines Early Learning Opportunity for Nation

Fight Crime, Invest in Kids with its kindergarten teacher survey might have the most practical statement of requirements from kindergarten teachers as we read between the lines. When the challenge to meet requirements is place on a business the effective business or industry asks the customer. This is part of the challenge of making 100% ready for kindergarten a real business, not a charity, non-profit, university study.

Many statements of requirements have $24-30,000 per child price tags attached and come out of university studies. This makes them impossible to consider for the most at risk children because of funding and understanding of first things first. When it comes right down to it there are thousands of documents prepared by hundreds or thousands of organizations, agencies and commissions that deal with early reading skills delivered issues. Often the early reading skills teaching process is called high quality whole child early education as it is grossed up to clearly exceed the requirement of brain capacity development. Often the requirement has been defined by experts and it takes 40-60 pages to communicate to the providers of early education. At risk moms, for their children, generally have no clue if they would take the time to read all of this. They need to be repeatedly exposed to a public service message to pay attention and get help.

The Fight Crime, Invest in Kids Organization does get it right because they want investments in Pre-K kids.

1. This site links to a very small number of studies (an adequate reference to the base of the problem).

2. It proposes an alternative set of requirements for the most at risk based on a simplified concept of early reading skills, counting skills and understanding of positive direction.

3. AND we propose a very serious dose of intrusive paternalism in a one size fits one mentoring process of child and mother.

The most at risk moms and children have few reading or writing skills, assets or attributes to get started and just plain need help or else the child will fail. Generally these children also do not have adequate understandings of positive direction. Not only is it right to help the child but it can be monetized into a growth business and industry that creates high value jobs.

Many kindergarten teachers would be happy if just the understanding of positive direction was delivered. However, 50% of the children are ready to read so the bar has been raised and an even start these days is beyond what it was 5 years ago.

What is clear now is that the early brain thrives with literacy exposure. Earlier work with the child now is even more important as 50% of the children are starting ahead. Without much more discussion I am going to include the links discussed. There is a wealth of background information here.

If you are asking where is the new money for this new service I will beg you to look into why No Child Left Behind funds to state and districts are not used. Why revenue Bonds are not used. Why the business of Early Reading Skills is not defined as high quality job creation so multinationals can be asked to Invest. Revenue bonds and Business Loans paid back by savings are a bridge that would actually monetize the attention to early reading skills without delay. I would propose an extra dose of accountability and written contracts with guarantees be included as a part of the new money.

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