Courage to Intrude for the Most At Risk Least Powerful

Intruding with Most Valuable Positive Expectations

Those who break through the bureaucracy, clutter and apathy for the benefit of the next 50 years and beyond will be honored as leaders. Use Thomas Freedman's Theme of cut here to invest there to benefit many and the children at large.

Apathy or Altruism -- This is a Common Economic Discussion.

Most giving is what economists call impure altruism or warm glow altruism per Steve Levitt, author of Super Freakonomics (page 124). You give not only because you want to help but because it is good for you, your reputation, and perhaps it really does not cost you the full "retail price".

In this case, to position the change does not cost business, organizations, and churches totally new budget dollars in final consideration. The advertising and promotion also increases the scrutinizing power of the grassroots as we find comfortable levers.

Intrusion Considering the Freakonomic's of Change

USA VALUES, LLC is one way to pull together from a private sector platform. It will need help from the business, faith base and the community. The K-12 system and Pre-k industry must focus on the aligned requirements of proficiency. This is economic development. We want to position the attention to alignment as community altruism and ethics.

We can make it about an unconditional gift of early reading skills to age 0-6 kids -- "literacy is freedom" The cost to deliver those skills need not exceed $8-10,000 per at risk child and come from created perminent funding streams. The present value of the positive expectation from that investment is at least $500,000 in more GDP and less remedial cost. The savings will cash flow the bridge loan needed to deliver the skills.

The cost to install a start up of the surge of investing in each community is FREE! Free assumes the community respects a senior executive US military veteran's core values of positive expectations.

Some would say there is resistance from the powerful

Some would say the institutions suffer from low expectations

Some would say leadership and giving to get is missing from the silos of government, community, faith base, schools and business

Some would say seeing the critical gap is part of the process before progress. Critical but it will take care of itself.

The powerful do not see their valuation of these age 0-6 at risk children as the solution. But valuation and a picture of the child at age 3 or 4 would change everyone's mind. Close your eyes and picture the child who will be ready and the child who will not be ready.

We maintain the solution is to deliver unconditional positive attention to the youngest and most at risk through mom and an assigned mentor until the child is ready to read, count and understand positive direction starting in kindergarten.

This will change everything in classic bottleneck fashion after the K-12 start. High quality professionals will see savings from just this change.

Time is money! Dependent events managed via constraints creates new money. Multi- National and Local business knows that. It is relevant in every solution. Timing has changed the last 50 years, and has become a very valuable component to continuous improvement.

Big miss

A one size fits one Early Reading Skills Guaranteed Delivery to Children whose moms define them at risk is first things first. We have no choice but to:

1. Send Public Service Messages (PSM) to all moms to understand the risk; and

2. Demand that all small groups and those acting small contract (per child, mentor and mom) with the public schools to deliver for the $8-10,000 in school and government spending.

Should the Courage Exist to Provide a Total Game Changing Solution Based on Brain Development Science, Social Network Capacity in the Grassroots, Veteran Availability and the Absolute Need to Do Something Different Because of FAILURE?

David Brooks and others on Intrusion

Support From All Corners to Intrude

Support From All Corners

Pivot to change the Game!

Make the Investments in the At Risk Children ***@@@$$$$ Because It is a Smart Time and Money Decision

OR, Because it is Classic Good Samaritan Ethics, OR Both

The value can be arguably defined as the difference between being in the economic middle of society verses at the bottom. This is at least $1,000,000 in added GDP and less cost to the schools and governments (today’s dollars) over 40 future years. Inflate that over 40 years at 2% per year and put individual and community compound risk factors on becoming part of the middle to arrive at a present value of the difference between the “bottom half of the bottom half” and the middle per child.

There is adequate support for these assumptions (critical savings for payback can be budgeted) to make us act now to realize the true present value possible. This site lines up the supports for action.

The process comes alive with expectation of opportunity once the paying customer (school district) is defined and the delivered requirement is guaranteed to solidify the monetization of the $8-10,000. Certainly the community and school that reduces its failure risk from 25% per year to 5% per year, or less, will increase its present value of positive expectations much like a 2nd or 3rd tier suburb.

With just a little bit of imagination, the at risk child, mom and the mentor use the present value of positive expectations as a ticket out of dependency. So if Mom can use mentoring to leverage herself and her child to economic independence we have a double expected win.

Early Reading Skills Delivered is the only first things first shot possible to give all a ringing advantage and reduced risk. This is especially so when 100% of the children show up for kindergarten ready to read, count and understand positive direction so the public school and the government can do its best.

We Need a Game Change, It Should be Readily Accepted BUT IT WILL NOT BE. A Special Person Who Can Cause Attention to a Surge of Early Reading Skills Delivery at the Right Time is Part of The Solution.

We will influence you to monetize the $8-10,000 investment to deliver these skills at age 3, 4, 5, and 6; a first thing to subsequent risk reduction. 80% of the citizens already believe in this risk reduction. This is social and not political. The expectations skyrocket with 100% delivery. The messaging of positive expectation will continue with the creation of personal assets attributes and skills.

The present value of the investment moves up with the reduced risk factor as follows.

Present Values Investment / Cost…… $8-10,000

25% risk……………………… $12,500

15% risk………………………… $50,000

10% risk…………………………$150,000

5% risk………………………… $600,000

The veteran executive can be the local business person that brings it together to keep it together creating a third set of benefits. The veteran executive has the skill set and is economically affordable.

The grassroots of the USA want economic, education, emotional, and ethical footings for growing itself and its children and grandchildren.

IT IS SO IMPORTANT! A reasonable person can see that nationally over 1/2 trillion dollars of expected value is not being created each year between the ages of 0-6 measured in kindergarten. The lack of creation is the Gap. WHAT CAN BE MORE IMPORTANT THAN POSITIONING FOR THIS EXPECTATION?

Right Column Focused on the Snakes in the Grassroots that the Powerful Prioritize Ahead of First Things First Proficiency. Nothing Should be Ahead of This

Be Certain the Grassroots Armed with Understanding, Responsibility, and Opportunity will At Least Cut the Grass and See the Issues and Resources in a More Simple Light.