Freakonomic Understanding !! The Fix is in the Cheap Micro Economic Transaction

The cheap Micro Economic Transaction (PVofPE-Prek) is spend $10,000 to create a $500,000 present value of positive expectation from early reading skills delivered. the expected value makes the $10,000 "free or cheap."

Use this freakonomic understanding or picture to intrude on government, education, faith base, large and small business and the effective grassroots citizen. Please follow the right column postings.

"What if I told you that you already have the bridge financing you need to basically prepare every single child for kindergarten and to create a system of doing so that will eventually pay for itself?" The Education Proficiency fix is in, it is “free or cheap” and it is simple.

The whole 4th and 5th chapters of Super Freakonomics, Authored by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubnar in 2009, highlights how asking for behavior change in the microeconomics does not work well, period. Intrusion must touch several emotions such that it at least neutralizes the negative externalities.

Back to USA VALUES, LLC --- We propose an intervention

1. The perception deficit of --Empathy is Good Enough-- will be undone.

2. The history of power does not generate the new money required to do first things first. This is in spite of the fact that first things first is acknowledged. The power of the grassroots will be needed to overcome the apathy.

3. Of course incentives always work to deliver intended and unintended change. The science of behavior change is difficult. Whether it produces continuous improvement generally depends on the proper goal, constraints, and questions being used in the leadership and management of change.

4. In the above we need to forget past behaviors. Forget them with new designs, engineerings, and hard form interventions that supersede the need for change with new paths.

5. If we could use cold hard steel to cut the change into reality it would create the new path. However, economics, education, emotions and ethics are rarely cut with cold hard steel so we are going to deliver the next best thing to lead it.

We need a process to create master whitewashers who see that sending the public service message is the fun part of work. Working as play is best defined here.

The surge to bind the negative externality is delivered by the Executive US Military Veteran Entrepreneur set in the simple local business.

Public policy will not be changed by preaching new behaviors but interests can be RESET around growth microeconomics to deliver the kids ready. This is especially true if the new money for new delivery proves via performance to be free.

Help us with the next step of Pubic Service Messaging

Emotional and Ethical Intelligence will Weigh In Here As We Think About No Choice