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Please follow This twitter site pinpoints the high quality fix to our gapping economic, education, emotions, and ethical worlds. The site needs you to follow so you are reliably easy to reach.

It nationally calls for the grassroots local community to move the powerful assets and resources to first thing first, right the first time without more government spending.

You are on the national site of this movement go to the End in Mind or the Home Page-Highlights.

Huge private and societal ROI will result from simply demanding that our powerful do first things first.

The positive expectation of value is so significant. The Twitter site for local effort is supports the local effort. We will have multiple sites like this to support local efforts. Your courage to look at the end in mind is needed. We have one but many messages to at risk mom and child that will stand over time. The messages in fact are emotionally and ethically supported by the very large and broad grassroots in each community. This site is to bring the economic issue of PVofPE-Prek into vision for a solution to education proficiency and poverty in cities and suburbs.