Soft Cloud Effort with Society’s Influence of the Powerful

Footnote- Use this account to leverage your social network, we can have 100% of at risk children delivered to kindergarten with adequate early reading skills when it is defined in the grassroots as (FTFRTFT). This must become the end in mind. @tdwusavalues Introduction in Bits

Under experiment we are practicing “the ask” via the twitter mention function - those we follow, who do not follow us, please retweet

We use this tweets to make the request

This opportunity to social network and help others avoid the gap with an underlying substantial beneficial delivery of early reading skills, assets and attributes for our most at risk kids cannot have too many followers or retweets. Time will tell if our leaders, celebrities, and "titans of twitter" will press the retweet button without a social media fee. It will not be wise to ask Oprah or Glen Beck too many times, but it is wise to give them the opportunity to help.

Of course this tweet is not spam to the followers of @tdwusavalues, @eeeeinndc and @usavalues in the normal course we may often ask for a retweet.

It is not impossible that a titan would camp on the tweets of these accounts and just retweet several every day as a social effort.

It also is not spam to send the tweet for retweet using the mention function to news organizations who have massive followers but relatively few follows. How else will they become aware?

It is not spam to ask a large corporation to retweet to their customers and employees the public service message.

Concluding this USA VALUES, LLC effort lists the powerful as a blog, lists the tweet messages as a blog, and works the micro blogging twitter to put them together.

Detail to this positioning is at Cloud Influence